Breathing Techniques to Calm your Soul

Every breath that we inhale has a significant role in our body. Breathing is what makes energy run through us. There are several breathing techniques derived from ancient yogic practices that have proven to be effective in enhancing positive energy and a peaceful mind.

But apart from that, there are several benefits of incorporating breathing techniques in your day to day life.

Benefits of Breathing Techniques

You may think that breathing techniques just improve your anatomical function of regular breathing. But you are wrong. Practicing breathing techniques every day can help you battle various breath related problems such as asthma, palpitation etc. With regular practice, you can reduce breathlessness and fatigue from cardiovascular activities too. Isn’t that better than expensive scientific approaches?

While breathing techniques help you enhance the overall function of your lungs, they also contribute to your mental health. Just the simple act of breathing in and out slowly during your meditation session works wonders by calming your mind and giving you clarity of thought. Likewise, all breathing techniques no matter how simple or complex they are, have their own way of shaping your mind and blocking it from negativity and bad thoughts.

Here are some splendid breathing techniques that will help you calm your soul.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Also known as the Bellows breath, this powerful breathing exercise is one that has been followed for centuries in yogic practices. This cleansing pranayama practice clears your nostrils and sinuses thus allowing air to be inhaled easily. As days go by, perfuming deep breathing becomes effortless.

The practice is done while sitting in the lotus position. Maintain a straight back and begin by inhaling slowly and deeply to fill your lungs. Do this a few times as a warm up. Then, start a vigorous practice of fast inhale and exhale involving your diaphragm and using your belly movements to support your breathing. Keep the rest of your body in the lotus position. Alternate between slow deep breaths and short vigorous breaths for 3 rounds in one session.

Nadhi Sodhana

Scriptures say that this powerful breathing technique has the capacity to energize your body cells and rejuvenate them, thus preserving youthful energy. This pranayama practice can be done sitting as well as lying on your back. Start by exhaling all the air out of your lungs and using your thumb finger to block your right nostril. Begin by inhaling through your left nostril deeply in such a way that the air fills your belly and once you’ve fully inhaled, close your left nostril with your ring finger while simultaneously releasing the thumb finger from your right nostril. Exhale through your right nostril while your left nostril is still closed.

Now slowly inhale through your right nostril and block it using your thumb while releasing the finger from your left nostril to breathe out. Again, breathe in through your left nostril and exhale through your right nostril. Make sure your finger blocks the respective nostril when you’re breathing through the other one. You can perform this pranayama twice daily to energize your mind and body thoroughly.

Bahya Pranayama

Bahya pranayama is known for its power to cure digestion and intestine related problems. It also improves fertility for women of reproductive age. This pranayama technique involves breathing after the breath has been exhaled.

Sit in padmasana and start by inhaling deeply and exhaling as slow as you can. After exhaling, tuck your stomach in and drop your neck in such a way that your chin presses against your chest. Make sure your chest is upright and your back is straight. After holding in this position for 5-10 seconds, slowly bring your chin up and release your stomach while resuming normal breathing. Repeat the process for 5-7 minutes.

No matter which breathing technique you want to follow, one thing that you can firmly believe in is that it will eliminate stress from your body and instantly calm your mind. With such clarity, you can focus better on tasks and handle anything without anxiety and panic.

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