Happy Place Meditation

Meditation is a means of calming one’s soul. The more you practice it, the better you get at controlling your emotions and your actions. But as a beginner, meditation may be a little hard to stick to.

You might be uncertain about what to think when you are meditating or how to get yourself to focus on the goal of your meditation. But the truth is- it’s all fine. Everyone needs a little practice to get a hold of meditation. If you are wondering when you will reach that “zen state” of mind and have complete solace, then we can help you kick-start a few things on your soul embarking journey.

Visualize an Aura of Positivity

The main goal of meditating for anyone is to achieve inner peace and a soothing optimism that will guide you through life. To achieve this, it’s going to take a lot of practice and patience. However, without cultivating good thoughts, you won’t be reaping a good outcome.

So when you are sitting with your eyes closed and trying to focus, imagines all the good things you have in life. Think about all the details that make you feel thankful. You need to let your thoughts flow free, but it’s up to you to decide which kind of thoughts you allow to run in your mind.

Cultivate positive thoughts and a confident state of mind. If you are uncertain about your ability to do a particular task, repeat in your head that you can do it and motivate yourself during your meditation. This will help you create an atmosphere of optimism in your mind which, as days go by become deeply etched in your memory.

As a result, you improve your self-confidence, your self-worth and push yourself towards a powerful transformation. The effect positive thoughts have on your mind is very powerful. Likewise, the influence your mind has over your actions, even sub-consciously is extremely powerful.

Picture your Happy Place

If thinking of positive thoughts during meditation is difficult for you then there is another kind of meditation that you could try that will naturally improve your positive outlook. First, you need to find a calm and quiet place where you can do some self-analysis. Think of all the things that make you feel good. It can be something as mundane as your favorite dog or the weather you like the most. But make sure it’s something that makes you want to smile.

Next, with your eyes closed, visualize yourself in that place. For example, if the ocean makes you happy, picture yourself on a beach. Try to imagine more details surrounding your “happy place” to make it feel real and complete. As you keep building details and images one after the other, focus on your being as an integral part of your happy place.

You could be soaking your feet in the ocean or just gazing at it aimlessly from afar, but these are the kind of details you need to imagine to make your happy place as real as possible. Many researchers have proven that seeing pictures of our loved ones or fragments of a past happy memory are all helpful in lowering stress levels in adults.

Your happy place meditation does exactly that. The moment you think of your happy place, it’s almost like you shutting off the entire world of negativity outside your mind and focusing on what really makes you happy. In another point of view, it’s a way of blocking out all negativity and rejuvenating yourself with a memory that only you can enjoy.

This powerful journey of self-discovery shows you what you crave in life and your quest for happiness and peace. The moment you begin asking yourself questions about what makes you happy, you already know what you need in real life to be happy. Happy Place Meditation differs from one person to another. But all that really matters is to cultivate good thoughts and encourage a positive state of mind.  Towards the end, that’s all that really helps you achieve tranquility in your mind, body and soul.

Once you start it is just matter of practice, you'll get there and you'll experience all the incredible changes that meditation brings to your life!

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