How To Use Mala Beads To Channel The Right Energy

The kind of energy that surrounds you and the vibe you dwell in greatly determine the quality of life you enjoy. There are many ways in which you can channel the right energy from your core, which helps instill positive thoughts in your mind that changes the way you see everything.

Using Mala beads necklace for meditation practice is something that helps improve the power of your meditation while reaping the benefits of the Mala simultaneously. It’s easy to achieve a state of inner peace, spiritual empowerment and powerful self-discovery when your meditation practice is done right. If you are someone who is already practicing meditation then you must know how to improve your practice and make it more efficient with Malas. Here’s why you need to use Malas to channel the right energy.

Why do I need a Mala for meditation?

Anybody meditating on a daily basis knows how hard it is to maintain focus. Of course, the concentration becomes easier as days pass by. But with a mala beads, not only does it make your meditation easier to concentrate but it also helps take you to a deeper level of inner reflection.

A Mala typically has 108 beads that help in chanting mantras during meditation. Mantras are acclaimed verses that when chanted inside the mind, help in nurturing the thought and making it a part of your mind. There are several mantras curated for wellness, a positive mind and spiritual growth. Many yoga practices use mantras while sitting in the mudra position to be chanted inside your mind.

Using a mala helps you keep track of how many times you have chanted a mantra. A 108 bead Mala has a guru bead which helps identify when you have finished 108 times of chanting a mantra. Think of it as the divider between the mala that helps you keep track of your mantras with your eyes closed. This way, you don’t have to lose concentration over how many times you chanted a mantra and experience a hurdle in your meditation.

Buddha with tibetan mala 108 beads


What other benefits does a mala give me?

Malas are created to serve specific purposes too. This is done with the kind of beads that are strung together in a mala. For example, the 7 Chakra Reiki beads mala comes with powerful components such as Orange jade, Red Agate, Blue Turquoise and others that have their own effect on the wearer’s body.

The beads in the mala have their own purpose which includes eliminating self-doubt, encouraging personal growth through a positive mind and also kick starting one’s journey of self-discovery and transformation. In a mala like the 7 Chakra Reiki beads mala, one can also influence good vibrations through their chakras that help them stay healthy and happy.

Likewise, there are several such Malas that go beyond just helping strengthen the power of your meditation. When it comes to eliminating negativity, preventing anger and blocking feelings of anxiety, a 108 beads mala is usually more effective simply because the Malas are created with beads that have calming tendencies when in contact with the skin.

How Can a Mala help me achieve spiritual growth?

Malas are not just created with plain beads, but rather beads that have soothing, relaxing effects on the mind, body and soul. When a mala is used for meditation, it combines the results of meditation along with the vibrations absorbed from the beads to give you a powerful feeling of inner wisdom. If all these are combined with chanting potent mantras that govern the right positive vibrations, then that is all you need to achieve spiritual growth, especially on a daily basis.

Over a period of time, Malas give you inner wisdom, peace and transformation that change the way you think and act. You will have the potential to tackle any problem effectively without it affecting your peace of mind. You are more in control of your actions because of the positive vibrations in your mind that are channeled through your body in each task you take up.

Malas can help you channel the right energy and especially positive energy that one needs to maintain healthy relationships, a peaceful mind and a successful professional relationship, all through spiritual growth. If you are unaware of the benefits of a mala, then this is your time to start.

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