What are the Best Crystals to use for Calming Energy?

If you are looking for a sense of balance, calming energy, and peace of mind in your life, then this article is for you!


The journey of achieving a peaceful state of mind is different for each one of us. In this process, certain factors will facilitate the process and enhance the spiritual awakening. One such thing that we will be looking at is the use of crystals. There is a dedicated category of crystals that are meant to work on relieving anxiety and stress and to restore balance in your life. Let us take a look at some of these crystals that are excellent in clearing out any negative energy and to bring about calmness within and around you.



This enchanting crystal with the royal color purple is the perfect crystal if you are seeking relaxation in your life. It is associated with our crown and our third eye chakra; which are the highest pinnacle of our spiritual awakening. 


This is perfect for you if you sleep problems, stress, anxiety, and nightmares. Place it on your nightstand or hold it while meditating for peaceful energy. 



As the name suggests, consider this crystal as a gift from your guardian angel itself. Angelite is a crystal that radiates pure energy that will instantly make you feel joyous and comfortable. 


If you are experiencing anger issues, loneliness, rumination, or stress; then reach out for Angelite crystal. You can place this crystal in various parts of your house such as your coffee table. 



Celestite is a stone that is the most effective to clear your mind and to stop the racing thoughts. Associated with the calming color blue, it is connected with your third eye, heart as well as crown chakra— a powerful crystal! 


Use this at your workplace, desk, or bedstand to clear out your thoughts and to be in your zen state while working. 



A crystal with traces of lithium, this has elements to reduce our stress levels and calm our nerves. Whenever you feel excessively drained or anxious, reach out to Lepidolite immediately. Its effects are rapid and you will feel much more balanced as it directly works on your heart chakra. 


You can wear it as a pendant to keep it close to your heart chakra (aka your emotions), or you can simply place it on your bedstand. 


How to use crystals?

Now that you know the best crystals that are effective in bringing about a peaceful state of mind, your next question may pertain to the process of doing so. The most wonderful aspect about using crystals is that you have a multitude of options and all of them are powerful in their own way. 


Tip: Crystals can be charged by placing them in the moonlight once a month, especially during the full moon, this will renew the energy of the crystal. 


  • You can hold it every day for a few minutes to channel the energy of the crystals, alternatively, you can hold it while meditating. 
  • You can add the crystals to your bath water or drinking water. 
  • You can wear the crystals in the form of a pendant, bracelet, or ring.
  • Yet another way to use crystals is to place them in various areas in your house such as your bedstand, coffee table, bookshelves, and so on. 


Thus, this was all about crystals that you can use to bring calming and peaceful energy into your life. Pick the ones that call out to you the most and let us know if you have any personal favorites of your own!


Image reference: Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

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