Mynd-Rainbow Chakra 108 mala beads necklace with hamsa beads sun or lotus pendant


"Mynd-Rainbow" Is a colorful 108 mala beads necklace with the 7 chakra colors.

Each one of the 7 chakras is represented by one stone in coordinating color. There are seven main energy centers in our body located in a line aligned with the spine. It is believed that when the energy flows through all the chakras properly, our physical, mental and emotional bodies can heal and become balanced.

The gemstones used for each chakra are:

  • 1st Onyx (Red) for the Root Chakra 
  • 2nd Chalcedony (Orange) for the Sacral Chakra
  • 3rd Calcite (yellow) for the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 4th Aventurine (Green) for the Heart Chakra
  • 5th Blue Lace (Blue) for the Throat Chakra
  • 6th Blue gravel (indigo) for the Third-Eye Chakra  
  • 7th Purple crystal (violet) for the Crown Chakra


 Made of natural stones beads

 Size: 30 in


What’s In The Package? 

 x1 Mynd-Rainbow Chakra with a pendant of your choice - Lotus (long tassel) / Sun (short tassel)


 Designed in and ships from Hartland, Michigan. Handcrafted with love, light, and positive vibes.

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