Pink Scolecite small rectangle crystal Silver Ring


The unique glow of the Pink Scolecite small rectangle cabochon is beautifully presented in this textured and polished sterling silver ring.

About the stones:


It is a stone of kindness, gentleness, and non-reaction. It teaches the power of receptivity and expansion and helps one become more balanced when faced with difficulty. Scolecite can be used to help bring a sense of peace and calm when one is distraught. Peace is the keyword of this ally.

The phrase that best summarizes the energy of Scolecite is ‘inner peace.’ For those who wish to enhance meditation, sleep more restfully, or dream more sweetly, Scolecite is recommended.

Because stones are natural the item's actual color may be different from the pictures.

*Please note that these products are not intended to be used as a prescription, diagnosis, or treatment, the information given is purely spiritual/metaphysical in nature and is by no means scientific or medical advice*



✓ Made of .925 Sterling Silver with Pink Scolecite crystal small rectangle

✓ Width: 4mm

 ✓  Select your size, we have 3 sizes to choose (not adjustable)


What’s In The Package?

x1 .925 Silver Ring with Pink Scolecite crystal small rectangle

x1 Mind Heaven black box


Designed in and ships from Hartland, Michigan.  Designed with love, light, and positive vibes! 

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