Welcome to Mind Heaven Shop!

Founded in 2019

My name is Lorna, and I love yoga and meditation jewelry, I became in love with yoga and meditation through my yoga classes, and I wanted to share a little more about meditation, malas, and their beautiful meaning!

At Mind Heaven our goal is to create positivity and wellness. we strive to empower one by bringing mindfulness and encouraging self-love and self-care, we believe that feeling beautiful on the inside makes us feel beautiful on the outside, our beautiful jewelry designs will give you a little boost!

Each piece in our collection combines natural gemstones, they are designed in the US and sourced by different artisans from different parts of the world; from Mexico to India, from Africa to Tibet.

In Mind Heaven our mission is to spread and share the spiritual lifestyle and support each other to enjoy the benefits of meditation. Malas are used to count the number of times a mantra is recited while meditating or praying. While you wear your mala throughout the day it serves as a constant reminder of your intentions and it also enhances your style.

We worked hard to create an experience that let you buy authentic and natural Tibetan and Buddhist jewelry, also beautiful .925 silver rings with gemstones to enhance your inner beauty. 

Why choosing Mind Heaven Shop:

  • Wide range of personalized jewelry
  • Affordable yet high quality - Our prices are constantly examined to ensure you always get the best price.
  • 30 day returns policy - We're confident that you will love your purchase, but if you have any problems we're always here to offer the best solutions.
  • Our commitment - We work hard to ensure your shopping experience is 100% satisfying and enjoyable.
  • Moved for a social cause - we contribute monthly to an important organization that works tirelessly to create a better future for those who are suffering. 

We hope to help you feel special and shine bright wearing our pieces, and empowering women together for a better, more equal future for all. We hope you enjoy wearing yours as much as we do. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, then we look forward to serving you soon! 

With love, 

Lorna, from Mind Heaven Shop