Mynd-Black handcrafted 108 mala necklace black lava with amethyst pendant


Mynd-Black is an elegant 108 mala beads with lava stone beads necklace with amethyst pendant

Stones on this mala: Amethyst, Lava stone


Lava beads are also for essential oil use! Feel free to add a drop of skin sensitive of your favorite essential oil to the bead (avoid spicy senses)

Because stones are natural the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.



✓ Made of natural lava stone beads with amethyst pendant.

✓ Size: 32 in with 108 mala beads necklace. 8mm beads

✓ Hand-made


What’s In The Package?

✓ x1 natural lava stone 108 beads mala with amethyst pendant.

✓ x1 Mind Heaven box 


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