Silver Ring with Irregular Raw Agate Geode


Unique Silver Ring featuring a one-of-a-kind natural agate geode in a handcrafted setting presented in this textured and polished sterling silver ring.  The style of this ring makes it easy to adjust to fit almost any finger size.


Stones on this ring: Geode

Color: White, clear, purple, blue, gray. They must be cracked open to view the color.

They are useful for protection and aid spiritual growth. It is said that brings mental clarity and decision making. Geodes can aid in communicating with celestial beings and help you to create a better mood and be more balanced. Use Geodes when meditating, asking for relief from stress, and help with decision making.  Across the board, Geodes promote well-being.

Because stones are natural the item's actual color may be different from the pictures.


✓ Made of .925 Silver Ring with Irregular Raw Agate Geode

✓ Width: 4mm

✓  Select your size, we have 2 adjustable sizes to choose (can be adjusted one number up or down)


What’s In The Package?

x1 .925Silver Ring with Irregular Raw Agate Geode

x1 Mind Heaven box


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